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Some trains they leave here right on time. And some they just leave too soon

Happy Passover!!

I'm not Jewish, but they ended Dance Show tech by 5:30 to allow for plenty of time to get home before sundown, or go to families' houses for seders, etc.

So I'm home early. Yay.

And I'm tired. What's new there?

- Type up dance show information
- Review spring play lines
- Read Metamorphosis for English (pfft!)

Econ test today sucked. It wasn't too bad, except that it was too long, and I didn't have a calculator. I had to divide stuff by hand. And not like 9/3 or anything. It was like 194/6. Eww.

And I need to go get dinner. Cause the parents ate without me. And most of my friends are sedering tonight. So I'm stuck without food or friends. Boo.

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