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But I am tempted to keep the car in drive. And leave it all behind

Happy Birthday, Sassy!

This song is in my head 'cause I was thinking of you.

Today was say the least.

It was really good. I spent 4 periods outside (2 free periods, half of English and all of Dance) because it was so nice. I am starting to tan, and if I continue all this outdoors-ness, I'll be beautifully bronzed before summer even hits!

And classes were mostly good. I have an Econ test tomorrow. Bleh. But Foreign Policy was really funny. We watched video of the simulation. Good times.

Then tech hit and I became uber psycho bitch who was easily agitated and horrible irritable. I was being snippy with people left and right and I was really frustrated with every little thing.

But at the end of the day. Like the very end...I started getting a bit loopy and giddy and happy again. And he sent us home.

I got home at 8:15, changed clothes really quickly, and got to Carly's by 8:25 for the shiva. There were quite a few people there, which was nice, and we stayed late...until 9:30, before her dad said we'd have to leave. I'm hoping that my being a bit loud and fun was a nice mood improvement for Carly and that I didn't offend her in any way. I don't think that I would have, but things like these are sensitive issues.

I talked to Caitlin on the phone on the way home. Apparently, the boys have prom all figured out. And they have for a bit. And we have been all worried and worked up over nothing. We are just supposed to wait. [...] Have I mentioned how impatient I am? And how I hate surprises?

So now I'm home. And feeling better, I guess. I still assume that being this happy is abnormal. I'm too cheerful and bouncy. But I'll worry about that later.

And I attempted to make myself tuna. But we had no hamburger dill it ended up being really bland and I tried adding lemon juice and a little bit of ketchup. It didn't work so well. :-p

BUT! I have a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked ice cream that I completely forgot about! JOY!

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