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It must've been good while I was busy this weekend and only posted about 5 times in 4 days. Now that I'm back, this is entry 8 today.

Don't worry, school starts Wednesday, which means very little journal time. And lots of homework. Eww.

Whoa, I was just talking to 5 people at once on AIM. So many. Now I'm down to two. I just stopped talking to the other three. If that have more to say, they can IM me again.

Gah! I'm back to 4. This is too much. I'll write in journal later. I need to be a thesaurus and an entertainer and an advice giver and a sister. I will be back!

:::Music of the Night:::
*Lucky - Britney Spears
*Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns 'N Roses
*I Can Tell - BBMak

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