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No words to say, no words to convey this feeling inside I have for you

The service is at 1 in Wilmette. It's not that far, but I'm being picked up by Goldy, who's also picking up Candace and Garvey.

There are a lot more people coming than I thought. I figured it would just be me, Amanda, Allie and Nikki. But everyone planning to come to both the service and the shiva at 4:30.

Eh, I need to get ready, I'm being picked up in a half-hour.

Today is so stressful. I'm shaky. I can't pick up my glass of juice without it shaking in my hand.

They always happen right on top of each other, don't they? Those bad times. Those bad days. They can't give you time to get over one before they pile on another.

I'll just plan on crying for the next two days straight.

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