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And nothing is taken or torn from you

I've made my first order using my own money and making my own decisions.

And though I could have gotten sucked in and spent well over $100, I sort of controlled myself and spent $53.97. And in all fairness, $23 of those were a birthday present for Caitlin. I just spend $18 to reserve HP and the Order of the Phoenix, and I bought the Vanessa Carlton CD that I've wanted.

I was going to go way out there with chick music (Michelle Branch, Stretch Princess and Bree Sharp) in addition to the Vanessa Carlton. But I controlled myself. And if I really wanted, I could burn all of my mp3s onto a CD. But I wanted to own the Vanessa Carlton CD. 'Cause I think it's good.

So I really did control myself.

But the internet makes everything too easy. Too quick. I can transfer money from my savings to my checking in a matter of seconds, and within the same minute be at using 1-click shopping to charge it all to a debit card withdrawing directly from checking.

Too easy. Dangerous. Must use control. MUST.

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