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Like a drifter I was born to walk alone

I keep falling asleep places.

Today we had Dance Show tech from 9-5 and I fell asleep on the floor. Last night, I fell asleep at Lizzie's watching Can't Hardly Wait. Tonight I fell asleep at Caitlin's during Lethal Weapon 4.

Things have been slow. I feel slow. I've been taking time with everything and not rushing with anything. I guess that comes with evaluating priorities. Hurrying through life isn't the way to go.

Services for Carly's mom are tomorrow at 1. I'm not sure where yet, but Nikki's going to be emailing the address of the place. Allie and I (and maybe Amanda) will be carpooling. After, I believe they'll be sitting shiva at Carly's house.

I've never done the Jewish funeral thing before. I've never sat shiva. New experience, I suppose. I'm assuming the service is basically like the funeral, and shiva would be like a wake.


I hate funerals. I've been to far too many. This will make for 3 in the past year. I couldn't count how many I've been to over my lifetime.

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