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Our Sunday school is over, and we are going home. Goodbye, goodbye

I don't know why that's in my head.

Actually, I sort of do.

While upstairs brushing my teeth and combing my hair, plucking my eyebrows and taking off makeup...I got to thinking about this girl I know...she used to be a friend from church. Well, before I stopped going. Her name is Lila Kate and she's a year older than me (freshman in college). Right now she's studying music at a school in Tennessee and hopes to become a country singer, or something in that business. She's written and produced a few songs...she has made a CD that she sells. I guess it's the right part of April to be thinking about her songs.

Someday, when she's famous and I get up the nerve, I'll call her up and see how she's been. I'll thank her for writing a wonderful song like that, and we'll talk about old times. Perhaps we'll laugh. We'll probably cry. But that's the future.

I also started thinking about Allie. And how we've been best friends for 10 years. Since the end of 2nd grade. And we've known each other since kindergarten. We were in different classes those first two years, but we were in TAP Math together (a special class for smart kids). And in second grade, we were in the same class, with Amanda. I didn't get to know Amanda until 4th grade when we had the same teacher again...but still. The three of us go way back. 2nd grade. Mrs. Whitman. She was old, and skinny, with short brown hair in a bowl cut and wrinkly skin. Her teeth were stained yellow, and her face had almost the same color...yellow-ish, brown. Probably from years of smoking. She was about 70 when I had her, so now she must be ancient. She retired at the end of our year.

The point is, though, that it's been a long time since we laughed so hard over "Who's On First?" that we were crying and fell out of our chairs. And since we had to bring in plastic food for a skit presentation of...I don't even know what, in 3rd grade TAP Language Arts. And it seriously feels like only yesterday that we were sitting on the platform at the top of the rolly slide on the 4th and 5th grade play ground with Amanda and Nikki, singing "Dobin, Dobin" in a round. And since we walked into our first day of 7th grade Pre-Algebra in 6th grade and were so scared because the bell had just rung and we were late! And when we'd always sit next to each other in Seminar (English) and pass notes. And how we always had at least three classes together...math, Seminar and French...because there was only one of each of those classes. And we were NEVER together in anything else. But we had lunch together, with all of our friends. You had lunch with your grade level. And we were in chorus after school. Altos met once a week on Mondays and full chorus on Thursdays. Honors Choir was after rehearsal on Thursday. And we did two musicals together. Annie in 6th grade and Once Upon a Mattress in 7th. And her mom would always give me rides home from school. And we would buy a can of Wild Cherry Pepsi whenever we had 65 cents. We did yearbook together in 6th and 7th grade. We went to Washington DC together, and laughed over the drama on our bus (everyone was falling for this new transfer kid, and friends were bitching each other out because "I liked him first!"). And we kept each other sane through 7th grade, when the shit hit the fan, times twelve. Her life fell apart. And then my life fell apart. And through 8th grade which just sucked because it did. We crumbled together and rebuilt together.

Things slowly began to change though. She did the musical in 8th grade, and I decided not too. We were both in honors choir, but she was brave enough to audition for show choir. She was on cheerleading in 7th (and 8th?) grades. We got to high school and drifted a little more. We had lunch and chorus together, and that was it. We did a little stalking and a lot of talking...but I joined crew and she joined cross country, and we started to only see each other during lunch and sometimes on the weekends. Her current boyfriend asked her out. She rejected him. She would again in the next couple years before she would accept him. That didn't come until Junior year though.

Life became less about living and more about surviving. We would have so much homework, and different types of classes. Things weren't so simple anymore. Nothing exceptionally hard, but still...not designed for the lesser kids of junior high or elementary school. The general feel of everything changed. We said that we liked high school better. Social status didn't matter an eighth of what it did...and there was so much freedom in where you could go and what classes you could take. You could even be friends with older kids! Looking back, the ease and simplicity of junior high might not have been so bad. Getting A's just because you were that's the ticket.

Every year we seem to have less and less classes. I've swayed toward the arts, and she's stuck strictly with the academics. She's a brilliant girl, and very likely to be valedictorian. She class ranked number one (though I can't remember if that's weighted or could be both). She's taking AP math (two), science, french and english courses. She's taking the schedule that I should have had....but I chose to have my theatre courses and dance. She's going to Dartmouth next year, and is a National Merit Semi-Finalist. Now I've long since stopped comparing myself to her, because there's no way that I could compete with all that. But it's funny to see how two people can start from the exact same place in life, and really share the exact same experiences for 7 years, before drifting apart into two very distinct and separate beings. We almost seem like opposites, and I'm sure plenty of people who have only known us a year or two would wonder how we ever became best friends. But we really weren't so different for that first half of life. It's only in the past 5 years that we have really been discovering self.

I know that this really didn't go anywhere, but I guess the bottom line is that I'm really proud of her and her accomplishments. And I know that she's proud of mine. And I hope so badly that we get a chance to sit down and talk about everything that we haven't been able to say over the past few years. Everything that was brushed over since our schedules conflicted and since our priorities changed and since some of our friends were not in the same group.

So yeah. I guess that's it.

That was kinda random. But it's nice to realize how much you love and appreciate some people.

And this post has just wasted nearly an hour of my time, and I haven't read my English essay/packet thing, nor have I studied North Korea. Eep!

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