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I ended up having tech tonight until 8:20...so I couldn't see Theatrix Show (an improv comedy show that Zack is in). And tomorrow night I think I'm seeing The Laramie Project at Highland Park HS, so I can't see it then either.


But Dance Show is going really well. Today I spent a large portion of the time talking with some of my dancer friends. Mostly Carly, Becca, Lizzie, Hillary and a little bit of Lindsay. 'Twas good times. And most of the dances are really great. The Troupe President, Carley, has an amazing solo dance. It's incredible and I love it.

Tomorrow is our American Foreign Policy/Political Science simulation. We were assigned roles in the US government and have to discuss the issues with North Korea. It's a 4 period field trip and we have to be dressed nicely. I'm the Secretary of Commerce...I get to deal with Economics and Business. 'Cause I know that so well...? Um...no. And the rest of my department is kind of sucky. But hopefully I'll be spending a lot of time with other groups and our Chief of Staff already said he'd be holding meetings for the 8 important Heads of Department. Ha ha...party.

After school tomorrow I have Dance Show tech...which I have to leave by 4:30 because I have my job interview at the Park District. I wish I knew where I was going for that. :-\ At least I can just stay dressed up...

I need to practice my Spring Play lines tonight. Or Carl will eat my head tomorrow. I wish I had someone to run them with. Other people use siblings, friends or parents...but I am pretty much on my own. Boo.

I need to get to work. Later, taters.

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