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I've more than honored your request for silence and you've washed your hands clean of this

My face and ears are burning up. I really hope this isn't a fever.

Tomorrow is the Day of Silence. Yay for being silent tomorrow.

I need to learn my lines for Hairdresser. I have Holly's down, for the most part. But fuck if I know where the 6 random, scattered lines are in that scene. Blar.

I have homework to do. Double blar.

Prom sucks. My response to "what do you want?"
I don't know. A hand-picked group, leaving out all the people who I'd rather not spend the evening with. A date that I'd feel completely comfortable with and who would be fun to be around. Not to hurt anyone's feelings while eliminating have the people who will end up in the group. A pretty dress that makes me look like a princess. To have a good time.

Blah. I'm starting to feel sick. Must finish Econ, and read Foreign Policy. Then get to bed. So. Sickly.

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