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I love my Amanda.

Plain and simple. Hands down. No questions asked.

She's the sweetest girl ever.

Talking to her after 10 days of not seeing her, and I realize that I miss her greatly. Both from the week+ that she's been gone, and that I don't talk to her nearly enough.

First, she wants to help Zoe and I plan the roadtrip, and might even be able to come if she works on her parents.

Second, I said that she was great, to which she responded "second only to you". Then she said "i know you get a lot of crap from people out of affection but it never hurts to get sincere love". YAY!

Third, she said that Gatto like me and thinks I'm fun to be around. Which is funny cause he always seems to get annoyed with me.

Wow, that made my day. It's nice to have people that like me and care about me. Because lately I have been feeling blind hatred...but then again, lately I haven't been surrounded by those who love me unconditionally.

But now I have my Zoe back. And my Amanda. And Candace, Allie and Caitlin will all be back. And Garvey apologized to me last night, so I think I'm on good terms with him. And Patty's been extra nice to me lately. And Zack is wonderful as always. Rob is a sweetie. And apparently Gatto thinks I'm great. So I have love. And those who are going to be asses can just blow me.

Good ending to a turbulent week.

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