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So Confused...

I get mailings from VH1 with the most recent of music news and yadda, yadda, yadda. So I get one today linking to this article: Early Matchbox Twenty Secret To Be Revealed

Don't Play With Matches, the only studio album by Tabitha's Secret (which featured Matchbox Twenty bassist Brian Yale and drummer Paul Doucette as well as Thomas), is due for October 9 release.


Don't Play With Matches features 10 tracks recorded in various Orlando studios from 1993 to 1995, including an acoustic version of the Matchbox Twenty hit "3 A.M." and the ballad "Dear Joan," which the group occasionally plays in concert."

Those were from the article.

One, the original Don't Play With Matches featured 12 songs (two versions of "3am" plus "High" and "Jesus Was An Alien") and did not have this so called single "And Around".

Two, what the hell are they rereleasing for? I don't understand. "It's about putting the past behind me, putting the nail in the group's coffin," Stanley said. Um, hi. The band broke up over 5 years ago. Get over it. The coffin has been buried.

Three, "And people want to hear these songs. I've had thousands of people write our Web site wanting the music." (also a Jay Stanley quote). The songs I would want to see released would be the ones that there are lyrics for at, but never were released in the first place. Like Me, Like Roses, The Only One, And Around. I guess they got that last one, but what about the other three?

I enjoyed Tabitha's Secret, but I think this is stupid. Maybe I just don't understand. Anyone got a good explanation?

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