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And nothing is taken or torn from you

Ah, feck.

A) the fucking putzs that I tend to call "friends" never called me back. And I'm fairly certain that Garvey got the IM I sent..because his computer went off idle for a while.

B) If this has anything to do with the ho-bag formerly known as friend-of-7-years, I might have to pluck her eyes out.

C) I was trying to format my site with a blog-ish thing. Wasn't working. My geocities one doesn't have ftp unless I pay. And the ATTBI site just sucks ass. I finally figured out how to:
- get rid of the stupid templates they force you to use
- create a page using HTML on their really bad site
- how to go about using their FTP shit
AND IT DIDN'T FUCKING WORK! AT&T sucks...I'm so glad Comcast is moving in. If Comcast sucks more, I'll have to pluck my eyes out.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice...I'm not in a very good mood right now.

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