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Coming down the world turned over, and angels fall without you there

Today has been shit-tastic.

Got my checking account - of the good.

Took a fucking hour and a half - of the bad.

Arrived late to crew (10:30 instead of 10) - of the bad.

No one else was there (other than Eric) - of the okay? We sat around and didn't do any "real" work until Pat and Charlie came at 11:30.

Haven't eaten since last night - of the bad.

Got only 5 hours of sleep - of the bad.

Felt like I was going to pass out ALL DAY today - of the very bad.

I'm now home though. And debating whether sleep or food is more important. I don't know if I can make it through eating without sleep. I feel like I'm going to throw up anyhow.

God, my head hurts so much.

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