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But we never did too much talking anyway

Wow. I'm up too late.

But tonight was good. Cici brought me some AMAZING baked mosticcoli for dinner. Best ever. Ferrentino's rocks so hard.

And then! Just when Patty and I were thinking that we had no where to go and no one to hang out with! Zack calls saying that he and Sara were ditched...and then Rob called! So we all ended up at Rob' usual.

Yay! We played Taboo for a very, VERY long time. But it was fun.

And finally...I have started to work on a website. So far very basic, I'm just messing with what HTML I a little of what Yahoo! Geocities provides. And FrontPage sucks ass, so I'm using that very little.

And if you'd like to check it out, you can here. It's the same color scheme that I created yesterday for my journal. And I was messing with tables and linking and such.

I'm actually pretty impressed...considering it is a first attempt and I've never used HTML outside of journal entries. So boo-yah.

AND NOW! Gail has been up for too long and needs to wake up in 5 and a half hours to go to the bank with Mama...and then go to a lot of crew. Boo!

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