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Is that how you spell it?

Either way, I have 23 new mp3s, 8 transferring, and 12 processing. I'm not done yet either. I realized I have no Sister Hazel on my computer, so that was 11. Got some more Britney and NSYNC. A few more Fuel, and some more Matchbox Twenty. Yay! I love free music. I also love music that I have to pay for. I love all music. I really think I need a subscription to Rolling Stone, cus I love it a lot too.

Okay, so one more thing. I'm reading Bop Magazine, and I don't know who the hell Amanda is, or what Zootopia was for that matter, but they were interviewing some guys (all ugly and most young, but still) and asked about favorite music. Most of them had really good taste. With the exception of the suck up who just said "Amanda", their favorite bands were NSYNC, Lifehouse, Destiny's Child, Blink-182, Aerosmith and Matchbox Twenty. Hello? Why aren't you living in the Chicago area (they were all from NY or NJ). Welcome to my favorite bands. They must have been at this Zootopia thing with girlfriends, cus I'm thinking that's a pop thing, and Blink, Aerosmith and MB20 are not quite the pop genre. *sigh*

Also, I'm watching Fox Family for the Brit Total Access thing, and they have teenies talking about their favorite bands. Most I had never heard of (like Dream Street, and others). Some chick said "I love A*Teens. Their music is great!" Hi, do you realize all their music is remakes? Download some ABBA, see what you hear. That's the problem I have with Aaron Carter. Kids go around singing "I Want Candy" and think it's actually his song. I have no problem with covers. I love covers. I wish more artists did them for mp3 purpose and just didn't put them on albums. However, it's like cheating the youth of America. They will grow up forever thinking Aaron was the first to sing that song, and it's a lie. We are lying to the children.

Hmmm, sorry for the mini-rant. I need to go back to downloading. Maybe some more Goo. Ooo! Chili Peppers!! I only have a couple songs of theirs in mp3 format. Californication is an awesome song, album and video. Must download!!

*Falling For the First Time - BNL
*Deeper - Dexter Freebish
*Name - Goo Goo Dolls
*Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

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