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Tears form behind my eyes, but I do not cry

The evening was interesting.

Started by going to Zack's with Rob and Garvey. Then Dan and Julie showed up. Played a little Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and played with the cutest cats ever! Hippo and Potamus. Damn, they are adorable. We watched Death to Smoochy for an hour before saying "Dear God! It's only half over!!" The movie had practically resolved itself already, so we stopped watching to go to dinner.

We (the 5 of us sans Rob, who had to go home for dinner and Lizzie...the girlfriend) went to Baker's Square. It was entertaining and the main host who has worked there for as long as I can remember is nuts. He kept coming over to talk to us for no apparent reason. Crazy Paulie.

Then everyone went to Rob's where we watched that terrible Fox show (The Pitt's?) before sending 3 boys to get a movie. They came back with Jackass. *sigh* Boys. But wasn't that bad. I've seen worse. Like Bringing Down the House, for example.

We got kicked out at 11:45 and went to the 24-hour Dunkin Donuts in Highland Park. Mmm...double chocolate donut and hot cocoa. Perfect midnight snack, though I now feel really sick. It's bedtime, fo' sure.

So I'm off to sleep. Hopefully for a long time. I totally could have been out until well after noon today, but I was woken up at 11 by the sister. Grrr.

That reminds me. My bags of shoes and clothes from shopping today are in my trunk. Damn.

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