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I can't believe it!!!

OH MY GOD!!! I'm bouncing off the freakin' walls, I am so excited! Why? An hour ago, I was scoping out Ticketmaster, checking up on my boys from NSYNC. I see that they are in Arkansas tomorrow. That'd be a pretty awesome 4th of July show. I remember my friend Jessie, who got her tickets two days before the show in Chicago and was 25 rows from the stage on the floor. I think to myself, "eh, no harm in looking". Next thing I know, Ticketmaster is telling me I can get seats in row 21, in floor section C, right in the middle by the walkway to the middle stage. Having seen the show before, I realize that they often use this walkway, and my sister reminds me of Justin during Gone...I melt (and I don't even like Justin as much as JC). So my sister and I decide to be impulsive. We spend $156.05 on the tickets. I printed out a bunch of maps from here to Little Rock (yes, an 11 and a half hour drive). I've been trying to contact some of my friends to watch Zoe, because we won't be home Thursday until about 11:30.

Honestly, it's not that much money, and the 12 hours in the car there, followed by 5 hours of concert and 12 more hours of driving might be a little tough, but hell, it's SOOOO worth it. I'm mega excited. We were actually planning on this for when they go to Indiana (that's only a 3 and a half hour drive), but hey, that's not until the middle of August. We are so crazy. I'm too excited to be annoyed with myself and my teenie-ish fantasies. Well, I'll tell you how it goes later. Bye Bye Bye!!!!

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