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Side Notes:

I'm taping Britney on Total Access, and at 1:30, I will be taping her Diary.

Also, I bought the Rolling Stone with her on the cover and a special collector's issue of Bop because the cover claims to have 20+ pages of NSYNC (and the pics are semi-recent cus Justin has no hair, JC has lots of hair, Chris has good hair, so does Lance, and Joey was recently shaved with blond streaks). You can always tell with the hair.

Cutest part of Total Access was Brit shopping with her mom...
Lynn: Britney, look at these boots.
Britney (in southern accent): Mom, I would not wear those.

Britney (still in southern accent): Ooo! Look! They've got glasses for little people. Come here Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn, come here!
(Then, the two of them were walking down the street holding hands, it was adorable.)

And, looking through Bop, there's a bunch on the PopOdyssey Tour, including tour journals by Dream, BBMak and Meredith Edwards.

In Target, they were playing Broken Promises by Tonia Mitchell.

Bop has a bunch of good pics that I can scan and put *shrugs* somewhere.

Rolling Stone quote by Britney "It's so flattering, but I don't like being a role model. I'm not perfect." Thus, proving my rate from before.

I'm watching the Best of VMAs Uncensored on MTV before Diary. I've seen it before, but it's great. I love these shows.

Okay, so I'm done now. I'll be back later.

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