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I'm still waiting for you, and I guess that I will

Went to Patty's for a while. Chazz, Jason, he and I hung around. Video games were played. Computers were messed with. Yup...we're dorks.

Then we went to Lindsay's house, since she's home for the weekend and Mary and Bridgette were there. We hung around and had fun. Watched some TV like Trading Spaces and the Anna Nicole Smith show (for VERY little time)...finally ended up watching The Curse of the Jade Scorpion...or whatever. Generally, I dislike Woody Allen films. I hated Crimes and Misdemeanors, when most people loved it. I guess they are sort of growing on me though. And C&D had some interesting concepts.


It ended at 1:30-ish and we all went home.

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