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I'm really tired today. But more than sleep, I'd like to go out. I spent WAY too long with family.

Was woken at 8:45 saying that if I wanted to help Dave and Katie move, then I'd have to be ready to go in a half hour. "Or I could come later"...which really wasn't an option, but they like to make it seem like it is.

So I got up and by 9:30 we were leaving for the apartment to load up the moving truck. We finished around 11, and made it up to the house in Salem, WI and had begun unloading by a little before noon. I'd say all was said and done before 2.

I fell asleep for a bit and when I woke up at 3, 12 people had left and it was just 7, or so, of us left. We ordered dinner around 5 and finally got out of there after 6.

Too. Much. Family.

Had I driven separately (which I really should have), I'd have left by 2:30 and gone to crew for the last hour. Then I'd have been hanging out with people, and would probably be out right now.

I REALLY WANT TO BE GOING OUT TONIGHT!!! But I don't want to try and hunt people down, because then it feels like a pity invite. And eww.

Oh, and in other news, my lower back hurts an EXTREME amount. I think I may have bruised something down there, because it hurts when I stand up or sit down, and moving feels sore.

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