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You used to say that there's a time we all deserve to lose our minds

I am so uber hungry, I feel like my stomach is going to cave in.

School was so boring. BUT! Spring Break! Company, we talked about Carl's sabbatical next year. A bit of crying, on my part, I must admit. Some of the girls were sobbing. Ross and I just made fun of them. A lot. A LOT. AHAHAHA!

Theatre 1,2 went well without Susan again. I like being in charge, it's quite the power trip. And at the same time, I feel as though I do a good job, considering that some of them don't give me the respect I deserve because I'm still a student.

Crew was alright. Lots of lighting stuff. Hung around for a long time. Left at 7:15.

Stopped home uber-quickly to check out the cast list for the Spring Play. [!!!!!!] I got the role I really wanted! Up until Wednesday, I really didn't care which part I played because there was no one role in which I felt a greater connection. However, I read the part of Holly for one of the scenes during a read-through and LOVED IT! She's a very sarcastic, almost cynical, most-likely lesbian, teenage girl--a Senior in 1970--who dumps her boyfriend on Prom and is suspected of having feelings for her best friend Nina. It kicks ass. I also have a bit role in the present (The show is split in two acts, "the past" and "the present")...comic relief hairdresser. She's funny, cause she'll probably have an accent. Whee!

Panera for dinner, then Rob's for a party until about 12:30.

Zoe came over and she and I watched Empire Records until she had to be taken home at 2. Now I'm bored and awake.

- Move Dave and Katie into their house (I think around 10am)
- Crew from 12-4, +dinner and activity? (if I have time)
- Start memorizing lines
- Decide when Zoe and I are planning our road trip

It's kinda sad...I am really excited about the Spring Play, but I didn't tell anyone about it tonight. No one would appreciate it, no one would understand, no one would care. None of them are in Company. They didn't write it, they don't know the plot and characters. They don't know who else is cast, etc. I want to be all happy and bouncy, but I have no one to share it with. More of my friends (or, ya know...any of them) should do performance theatre as well as technical theatre.

I really don't want to go to bed. And I can't figure out why. Or rather...I have a thought in mind, but I don't like it. Bad Gail.

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