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A Little Bit of Insight....

I came to this conclusion yesterday in the limo...

It's okay to like NSYNC. It's okay to like Britney, and Mandy, and Jessica, and even BSB. However, this should not be the *only* music you like. You can have a shrine dedicated to O-Town in your room, or own every magazine 98 Degrees has ever been on, but if this is all you listen to, that's when you need help.

Sure, I like NSYNC and Britney (the rest are kinda *shrugs* eh). However, I also love Matchbox Twenty, and Aerosmith, and 3 Doors Down, and Goo Goo Dolls, and Barenaked Ladies. I listen to a bunch of genres and *that* is what makes me a good, normal, non-teenie fan. On November 6th, I will be going out to by Brit's new CD, as well as Mick Jagger's solo album. Variety is what keeps you sane.

So if anyone out there was beginning to worry that you were too much of a fanatic, relax. I'm sure you occasionally listen to something other than the pretty dancing boys.

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