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Things that bothered me today -OR- The soapbox of assumption:

1) These dumbass girls talking in the courtyard about the war...who were obviously misinformed on a lot of things. Then they said how great Michael Moore's speech was and how "even though they were all booing, he like totally didn't care, and I was like, war is bad."

Punch. Them. In. Face.


2) This *cough cough* very conservative kid in my theatre class. I know it's not good when you're in a leadership position to pick favorites...but can I pick him as my least favorite? Does that still count?

Anyway, at the end of class, we start talking about the Oscars. Someone brings up Michael Moore and how inappropriate his actions were.

And there sits stupid!boy with a stupid smirk on his face that says "Yes, he's an idiot. And obviously the war is good. And obviously the people in the audience were booing because they support the war."


Wanted to punch the kid. Why? Maybe I mistook what that stupid smirk meant?

Uh, no I didn't. And either way! Being anti-'Michael Moore using the Oscars as a platform for politics' IS NOT the same as being PRO-WAR.

I didn't think was he did was tasteful. And I don't agree with his ultra-liberal thinking. BUT! I am against the war, and I do support our troops.

Gray area, folks. People have gray area. We are not black-and-white. We are not "this, therefore this". We cannot assume one thing or another based on someone's age, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, location, wealth, or political affiliation.

I am a liberal. I support strict gun control laws and women to choose whether or not they want an abortion. I also support the death penalty...which is typically a conservative viewpoint.

So PLEASE. Do not assume that when I say "Michael Moore is an ass and an idiot" that I support Bush, the war, and your damn conservative values.

I respect your values. I really do. It may not sound as such because I have a hard time swallowing pills that aren't mine. But I believe that everyone is entitled to his opinion. And I believe that everyone should be able to back up his opinion with evidence. So don't assume things about me that aren't true. Or I will lose all respect for you.

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