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And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time

Ended up going to bed at 2am yesterday ( because I'm silly and was helping Jason with his web design. So me and my knack for organization, consistency and color scheme. ;-)

Jason: see, i hate designing (and am not very good at it), but i'm really good at programming and like doing it. so, we should team up!
Me: Yay! I can make stuff pretty, and you can make it work

Fun stuff. ;-)

Then this morning my first alarm (the cell phone one) decided to go off at 5:56, instead of the 7:10 it was set for. Demonic piece of shit. I can't remember if I reset it...I think I did, but really I could have been dreaming. Either way, it didn't go off (or I shut it off without hearing it) at 7:10 as well...and my back up alarm didn't bother going off. Mama yelled down the stairs at 7:24, saying "Shouldn't you be getting up now?"

Didn't have time to pack a lunch, so I went without today.

However, during Econ they were reviewing a test that I hadn't taken yet, so I got the entire period free and I bought myself a muffin. I finished it in Company (where we are not allowed to eat) just because I could without getting yelled at. Teacher's pet? Maybe a little. But I damn well deserve it. Carl even mentioned today about (without listing names) the unequal distribution of work and how he was getting email at 2:30 in the morning.

Come on, was obviously marked 2:22. But yeah. He appreciates that I worked my ass off. And Eric appreciated that I took charge and organized stuff on Friday. And Susan appreciated that I went in yesterday to help with the theatre games on a Sunday. So yeah. I'm loved in the theatre program. And that makes me happy.

And Chorale was one of the best and most productive and nicest sounding classes that we've had in a while. I even went up to Akers after class to tell her. It was just really good. And it made up for the $1.50 I wasted on a Snapple when I dropped it (before having opened it) and it exploded on the floor of the cafeteria. Suck my ass, Snapple! >:-O

I made up the Econ test later that day, and it was really pretty easy. Or at least the multiple choice was. The other part...I was just clueless. Granted, I haven't learned this stuff since last Monday, so.

In Dance we did Pilates. We'll be doing them tomorrow too. Hard, but so cool. I could definitely feel the burn! Woo!

Crew was canceled due to the "nice day", so Candace, Goldy, Johnson and I went to Maplewood Park. Then Jason came, and later (around 5:20) Rob came. I had to leave at 5:45...but the 2 hours we spent there were so good. It was SO BEAUTIFUL outside. We flew a kite and played frisbee! Whee!!

Then I had an appointment with Dr. Lady #2. Talked the entire time about Saturday. Mmm...hell.

Now I'm home and fine. Eating some dinner that I whipped up (frozen pizza, water and a pudding cup. Exciting) and working on starting homework.

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