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...for the first time since 1:30 yesterday afternoon. (Of course the first thing to do is write in Journal.)

The hair appointment went well, and everything ended up fine. We were on time for our make up, which turned out very well.

The limo picked us up around 1:30 Saturday. Before that, we were all running around the house figuring out what we were missing and packing for the night. It was a little more than hectic.

The wedding was beautiful (of course I would say that). I was so incredibly nervous. If it were my wedding, I think I'd have passed out halfway down the aisle. As it was, I was trembling and shaking. I was the first one to go, and I was convinced I would trip. I didn't, and was relieved to finally get to the front. Watched my sisters come down. Then Mike and Zoe were flower girl and ring bearer. So cute. Then Emily. She was so nervous/happy/overwhelmed that she was crying down the aisle and could barely smile for the photographer. It made the rest of us get all misty eyed, but we smiled for her sake.

Ceremony was okay. Minister made it a little long. Had to "interpret" the text. Just read from the Book and get on with it. Recessional was a lot more relaxed. Plus, we had a guy to latch on to.

Receiving line took absolutely forever. There had to have been over 100 people there. Lots of smiling, lots of hugs, lots of small talk with people I don't know. Blah, but finally, we got to do the bubbles thing, then go in for pictures. Lots of pictures. Took a while, but wasn't so bad. By that point any stress left was nothing compared to what was felt prior to the ceremony.

Reception was awesome. I'll write more later. I will also post pictures from the wedding and reception on my website. (Photographer said proofs will be in in 2 weeks, and the mini cameras that we had at all 24 tables will be developed soon.) 24 tables. 4 the groom's side, 20 our side. Yes, we have a big family. Roughly, 180 people were at the reception. It was a lot of fun. Slept at the hotel after.

Sunday's follow-up was an open-house type gathering at my aunt Judy's. We arrived at 12:45 (hotel check-out was 12, we went straight there). Just got home around 8, after leaving at about 7:15. Needless to say, I haven't been home much.

Will be going to Ci's apartment now. She has all my hotel stuff in her car, so I'll be retrieving that. As well as probably sleeping over, and visiting Tigger.

I promise to write more tomorrow. School doesn't start until Wednesday, so I'll be around.

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