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And I want to wake up with the rain falling on a tin roof, while I'm safe there in your arms

So in very uncharacteristic Gail manner...I went over two entire days without updating.

And even this isn't going to be long. It isn't going to be informative. And it isn't going to be happy.

The past few days I've been so busy that I haven't found a minute to update. By which you would be right to assume that I haven't touched my friends page either. Basically my time has been eaten by trying to catch up the Spring Play, yadda yadda, maybe more on that later.

Also, I've been hitting more lows than I have in a it's unhappy. It might have something to do with the insane amounts of stress that I've been under, even in the past 48 hours alone.

Oh least I'll have quite a bit to talk to Dr. Lady #2 about on Monday. *sigh*

Why can't I be not broken?

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