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Seems a lot of my evening journals start with *sigh*

Busy day again. Went to nail appointment. Was pretty fun. Manicure and pedicure. Pretty color too. Got finished at 12:45 (I was the first one to get fingernails done, and so was the first done with pedicure). I couldn't drive yet, so I sat around until a little after 1.

I drove quickly (50 in a 40 until I caught up with a semi doing 35...figures don't it?) I got to school about 1:20. Walk into meeting in the Studio and try to get right into everything. The meeting itself was pretty fun. Mostly just scheduling and planning for 2 hours, but it was interesting anyway. At 3, everyone dispersed except for Eric, Zach and I, because we had more stuff to do (since Zach and I are the most important huh?) We finished and I got to leave about 3:30. Drove home. Can now get into driveway, and the street is paved. It's nice, but they aren't quite done yet, so I'm guessing it will be bad for another couple month.

Decided to eat lunch, because all I had eaten was a bowl of Corn Pops for breakfast. I love Corn Pops, but they do not fill you up for 6 hours. Had a PB&J sandwich. It was yummy. Then I decided to go to Ci's apartment. Visited with her and Emily's cat Tigger. At 4:45, we went to pick Zoe up from school, then headed up to the church for rehearsal.

Rehearsal wasn't bad. Not too long, not too tedious. I was tired though, so it seemed a bit longer. I'm the first to walk down the aisle, and it's making me a bit nervous. I'm getting all jittery anyways, because in 24 hours it will all be winding down, but that means within the next 24 hours there will be a lot going on.

Rehearsal dinner was good. Lots of fun cus I was at a table with Fayanne and Brad, Dave and Katie, Mikey, Zoe, Ci, Kyle (best man), and Chris (usher). It was entertaining.

Finally left there around 9:30. My car was still at Ci's apartment, so I went home with her. The kids got put in bed and I hung around with my sister and Tigger again. That cat is the coolest ever. He's so great, and a lot of fun to watch too.

Drove myself home at 10:40. Even though curfew isn't until midnight, I'm tired! Got home. Sat and talked with mommy, Fayanne and Emily for a while. That dispersed around 11:30. Read journal for a while, and am now updating.

Hair appointment is tomorrow at 10. Make-up is at 11:30. The limo is picking us up at home at 2. The ceremony is at 3. It's gonna be tight, but we'll be fine.

Hopefully the service will be done by 3:40, and pictures by 4. The reception is set to start at 5, so we'll have plenty of time to get to the hotel, check in our rooms and hang around.

I am *so* tired, i can't even say. Geez, it's been a long hard week. Need sleep...big-girl bed!

*Round Here - Counting Crows
*Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band
*High - Tabitha's Secret
*Forever December - Tabitha's Secret

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