Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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My friend Spank amuses me for reasons such as these:

Zack: Mmm I usually debate the definition of dork vs nerd
Me: I think the definition lies in the mind of the beholder
Zack: me it embodies the shape of a twinkie

Zack: Gasp away pigdiddle, on the online no one can hear you breathe
Me: EEP! That sounded like a threat!
Zack: Mwahahahaha
Zack: Spank gets his mediocre revenge!

Me: You is nuts
Zack: That's I are nut(s), jesus said you were bad at grammar but well JESUS!
Me: Jesus said he loves me
Zack: Yeah well he also turned water into wine and occasional drinkers into alcoholics

And on that note (and the subsequent finishing of my pudding), I'm off to bed.

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