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Don't let the sun go down on me

No time to read my friend's's been a long day.

Left home for school at 7:50am, and didn't return home until 11:45pm. That's nearly 14 hours out of the house.

Fear not, I was not at school the entire time.

Crew today ended at 5:30. The whole 5 out of 9 of us worked our asses off, without a sponsor, since he was sick. Damn.

But then I went to Panera for dinner with Steph, Bridgette and Mary (yay!). After, we went to Bridgette's to check on movie times and decided to see Bringing Down the House at 9:15.

Worst movie ever.

Seriously...DON'T SEE IT! I only laughed (nervously, at that) at how completely absurd it was. There were so many off-color jokes, that I couldn't believe it was allowed to be made! Dear god!

And now to sleep...perchance to dream...and hopefully not about motorcycle races like last night. Fucked up, yo.

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