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I hear you're counting sheep again, Mary Jane. What's the point of trying to dream anymore?

I'm so bored.

Have spent much time at watching the cartoons and such. It's so very amusing. I enjoy The Cheat a lot. Strong Bad is just really funny. And Marzipan? She rocks. Ha ha ha.

Then I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading old journal entries from last March. It's always interesting to see what one was thinking or feeling weeks, months and even years ago. I realized that I miss many of my friends. The friends of an older type. The ones in college. The ones who last year for Spring Break, came home and hung out with me. And this year will not. I don't think Lewis is coming home. And I think Lindsay is going on vacation for the week with her friends from school. Mary is currently in Miami visiting Jenny. And Steph should be home, but I haven't heard from her yet...though we are supposed to be having plans. I haven't seen Bridgette in forever, and Elliott in even longer.

*sigh* Times change.

Hour and a half till party at Amanda's. Maybe I'll nap.

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