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Natal horoscope interpretation for Gail
Born 05 Nov 1984 at 15:05 GMT

Sun 13° 24' Scorpio
Moon 09° 15' Aries
Mercury 28° 44' Scorpio
Venus 19° 55' Sagittarius
Mars 22° 28' Capricorn
Jupiter 09° 38' Capricorn
Saturn 18° 24' Scorpio
Uranus 12° 00' Sagittarius
Neptune 29° 30' Sagittarius
Pluto 02° 26' Scorpio

General personality
Born under the sign of Scorpio, you have great resources of both emotional and physical energy. This energy needs positive outlets, if not in the career then in something you consider worthwhile and engrossing. You have much determination, knowing that persistent efforts will yield the results you want. You can be extremely sensitive and easily disturbed when anyone deals harshly with you. In such a case, you bide your time until you can settle the score, because you rarely forget and find it hard to forgive. You tend to be a loner, preferring solitude to the artificial pretentions that people use in their social activities. You can be very self-centered, and are usually unwilling to submit to authority unless there is no other alternative.

You tend to jump to premature conclusions on impulse and later discover you made a mistake in judgement. On the other hand, this ability to make instinctive decisions could also be a strength. You are emotionally restless, and may lack 'emotional staying power'. As a result you probably have a wide circle of contacts, but few truly intimate ones. Your behaviour might be a bit inconsistent, since it depends so much on your emotional state at any given moment. You want to be fair in your dealings with other people, but you nevertheless assert your own feelings whether you are right or wrong. Try to consider the needs of others as well.

Your drive and physical energy is always carefully managed, and your actions well controlled. You know how to conserve your resources, and cope better than most people with difficult conditions. Your temperament is usually patient, although you are very determined to rise to the top. Demanding exercise can be important to your physical well-being.

You have considerable ambition, and your need for challenge is strong. This will most probably be directed towards the career or improvement in lifestyle. You know how to be methodical, and your ability to calculate every move will be an asset, enabling you to achieve your objectives. You also know your own abilities and limitations, so you never lose control of you affairs. Your outlook is somewhat serious, but an off-beat sense of humour helps to soften your sometimes pessimistic views.

You don't lack emotional intensity, but it may well be difficult for you to express your feelings. A tendency not to discuss problems is likely. But you are determined, ambitious and have the will to succeed. These resources need positive expression, perhaps through the acceptance of challenge. These traits must be recognized, or stagnation and discontent will dog your progress and attitude to life. A preoccupation with the unknown - generally or in the form of introspection - is also a possibility.

Mentality & communication
Your mind works on a deeper level than most other people's, and you have a desire to gather facts and to know the precise reason for things. This makes you a good problem solver. Your powers of observation are also good. Maybe you are of the 'strong silent type', saying little but missing nothing. Others find you secretive, since you don't generally reveal what you know unless you are certain your trust will not be violated. One of your problems could be that you have difficulty in letting go of things once you get interested. Be careful so you don't get obsessed by things, and try not to be vindictive.

Social & interpersonal relations
You have a lively way of expressing love, although maybe somewhat boisterous. You need a partner with an intellectual level matching yours, and you won't tolerate boredom in a relationship. You are drawn to people who are eager to grow in character and who demonstrate by their actions that life is meaningful to them. Try to make sure that your partner do not suffer because of your restlessness and need for constant renewal. On the social level you have a light and breezy manner, and should find it easy to cultivate warm, friendly associations because of your compromising nature.

Key to my annotations:
A fairly true statement, though maybe not a strong characteristic.
Definitely a part of my character.
Wow. I don't think it could be more dead-on if I were writing it myself!

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