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My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so why don't you kill me, so I die happy

I only slept about 8 hours, but GOD it felt nice. Just staying in bed until 10. That, my dear, is heaven.

Last night was so uber fun. Charlie, Pat, Goldy, Eric, Candace, Zoe and I went to Applebee's for dinner. (mmm...Fried Chicken Salad...) We got there probably around 7:15. Sat down about 7:30. Didn't leave until 10:45. We just sat around talking for ever, and it was fantabulous.

After, we went to Goldy's house (yay! I only had to walk across the street!) and we all (sans Eric) hung out. Played some pool and foosball and air hockey, cause the boy has everything in his basement, then when the boys went to play video games, we girls decided to be as annoying as possible in a passive way. We just laid down and used the boys as pillows and footrests, etc. Phatty especially is not the best with physical stuff, so I made it a point to curl up next to him and use him for a pillow.

Ha ha. I actually fell asleep for about 45 minutes. Whoops. We all left at 2.

Tonight, there's a shindig at Amanda's. WOO! She apparently has this new, incredible basement which I have not been in yet (it was newly built) so since Rob's tired of always having the party, she's having one. Yay! I love Amanda...I just wish I got to see her more.

So now? 8 hours to do nothing.

And that, my friends, is bliss.

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