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Looking back and longing for the freedom of my chains and lying in your loving arms again

Ever wonder where snot comes from? And how they fit so much of it into a little tiny thing like a nose?

So I might not have the smallest nose in the world, but I have no idea where all this is coming from! Dear god!!

Yes, I'm still sick. BUT! I'm feeling SO much better. I was practically dying during school yesterday.

Today? Felt fine. A little tired. A little snotty. A little stuffy and scratchy and droopy. But fine.

Good even. Though I know half of that was the mood and half of that was spawn from the goodness of last night. Whee.

My English teacher yelled at us for not reading. Because there are about 5 people in the entire class who have been. not one of these people. However, to punish us...she gave us an extra night to finish the reading that was due for today. Um...okay?

This teaches me that the less I do my homework, the more time will be given to me to get it done. ;-)

At least in Economics, I respect Huff enough to just not do the homework, and then actually make it up within a couple days. I'm totally caught up on the 3 assignments I blew off/got behind on while I was sick. Yay Huff-daddy!

Crew was productive. Very small. We laid the dance floor, and once we get the special rubber-ish tape, we can tape it down. We tilted some of the lights on 3rd electric to make backlight. We also set up 6 light trees in the wings and got 3/4 of the lights set up on those, and cabled most of it. We only have two more days to finish all that sidelight, focus everything (back, side, front and cyc), and make it ready for tech. Tuesday is an all-day in-school field trip for teching the curricular dance show. That one goes up a week from today (Thursday).

Went to dinner with Daddy at Panera. Mmm...soup. He wants me to consider taking a couple years at Eastern and then possibly transferring to Indiana. I don't like this idea at all. AT ALL. I'm still considering Eastern. Actually leaning towards it, despite some of my friends who say "Why would you do that to yourself?" Apparently I'm shooting myself in the foot, or something. But then again, Charlie can go to hell.

Made a playlist of all those songs that make my stomach clench (in a good way?) just by mentioning their titles. Damn, I love these songs.

Now I must read. So Weatherby doesn't flip a lid tomorrow.

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