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I wanna be good, I wanna be great, I wanna be everything except for your mistake

Felt worse than shit this morning. Had reverted to not actually being better. School was a bitch, and I've noticed that my sinuses like to feel as though the intense pressure within them is enough to cause them to burst and my head to explode.

Pretty picture, heh?

Strike went very well. Much quicker than expected. We still have a few things to take care of, but tomorrow is all about laying the dance floor. Our first performance (the curricular dance show) is a week from tomorrow. The actual Troupe show isn't for another few weeks though.

Dinner and after was so great! Yay for best friends. Damn, I miss him sometimes. So much fun when we're together. Bwahahaha!

Oh, and Shoshana, who graduated last(?) year and used to work at the Chili's in Deerfield moved downtown so she now works at the Chili's in Evanston (since it's closer). She came over and said 'hi' and it was all nice and stuff.

Home now, and I could be doing homework. But screw that. I'll probably just shower and crash. I'm all snotty again and I'm cramping like none other. Boo!

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