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All I want for Christmas is you, baby.

I'm home surprisingly early.

Seriously...I think this is the first production party after which I've been home by curfew, and only the second one in which I am allowed to be out after that. That was confusing...let's try it this way...
Total number of parties in the past four years: 14-ish.
Number I've been home by curfew from: 0-ish.
Number I've been legally allowed to be at after curfew: 2.

The party was fun. Instead of being at someone's house, it was at Zippy's (a local fast-ish food restaurant). A DJ had been hired to come in, and the pizzas were unlimited and plentiful. It was very good, since most of the cast is ambition young folk who enjoy grinding and "slam dancing" (inside joke). Hell, I like it too, and danced a lot. But it lacked the variety of a normal cast party. In which there are several different rooms and one might have a big ol' dance party going on, but there are also places for sitting and talking, watching a movie, games, and a variety of food. More than just pizza.

I'm tired though. And starting to feel throat is scratchy. I might be catching whatever crazy illness has been floating around and so far infected Charlie and Caitlin.

Saw Jason for a bit tonight. Talked to Mulder a bit at Zippy's. James broke his leg after the show and had to be taken to the hospital. Shopping for sponsor gifts took over 4 hours (including wrapping). Part of the gift was an aquarium with 5 fish (for the 5 sponsors). I don't get it much either. And it's so high maintenance. I might offer to care for them because I feel guilty. *sigh* It's better than hermit crabs, I suppose. I can't believe I read all of my friend's page this morning, but didn't update. I must have been in a rush.

Oh wait. Mama keeps stealing the computer. I knew this sharing one computer wouldn't work. Mine needs to stop dying. Damn.

I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed. Never mind it all.

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