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I never came close, my love. We nearly came near. It never was there, I think it was here

Since I didn't update at all on "Friday" and since I'm still considering this "Friday", I feel that I am not late in wishing Amy a happy birthday.

The day has been long, and a bit strange. Didn't get home between school and the show. Instead, Charlie, Goldy, Zack, Brian, Caitlin, James, Mulder and I went to Chipotle. Most people left around 4:30-ish...but Zack, Charlie, Goldy and I stayed until 5:30.

I was in an odd mood most of today. Starting somewhere around the sex conversation 7th period in the WERKS with Gatto, Zoe, Amanda and Goldy, and carrying on through the day.

The show went well. Sound was alright, calling was alright, lights was...alright. Had a few mishaps. But whatever. What are you honestly going to do about it.

I'm listening to Pippin. Fucking fantastic musical. SO GREAT. Download songs now. I recommend "Corner of the Sky" "Think About Your Life, Pippin" and "Morning Glow". Maybe "On the Right Track" too. Very good stuff.

Mary came to the show tonight!!! I gave her a big huge hug and talked with her for a while. Kestin was also there, and I talked with him a bit during intermission. It was surprisingly nice, since he and I had never really had the best of relationships. Not bad, just...we didn't talk much while he was around. And I didn't get a chance to really talk at all to him, but I saw Gavin too and it was one of those " are you doing?" Sweetest guy, I adore him. All those Davis boys are the best...and none related either. Funny.

I miss graduates. I hate feeling so old like this. There are so many freshman who don't know the alumni at all. So sad. I'm so OLD!

After the show, and after we had finally been kicked out, some of us came to my house, for lack of better alternative. It was me, Mulder, Candace, Caitlin, Goldy for a while, and Zoe for the last half hour. Erm...awkwardness at parts. Damn.

Aww, yay! Just got an email from Jason: Oh my gosh, I'm a terrible person. You got lost in my inbox, and I apologize. *hangs head in shame*

Hee cute. I'll probably be doing dinner with him sometime next week. And he's seeing the musical tomorrow night. Double yay!

So tired. So very little sleep this week. Realized that twice I had fallen asleep while doing homework. Exhaustion doesn't suit me well. I need actual rest for once.

Much love to all of you, my friends.

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