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It's 'bout time to be retirin' for the night....

I realize it's still relatively early, but I'm tired. And I need sleep. I've been quite deprived lately. My alarm is set for 9:30. I'll get up, shower, and wait for my sister to come to drop of Mikey.

She's coming with me at 11 to the nail appointment, although her's isn't until 11:30. This is what makes her the best big sis'er ever.

Hopefully the nails won't take longer than 2 hours, so I can quickly dash to school for the end of the STUNTS meeting. Talked to Eric and he said they might be done by then. I feel really bad that I can't go to all of it, but I'm also sort of angry about it. I won't get into that now though.

My sister Fayanne is up from college. Her and Brad just got in around 11. Yay! Just talked to them for a while. Now it's bed time though.

Good night!

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