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And we would gladly die for him! That certain thing called the boy friend

So tonight was opening night of...The Boy Friend. ;-)

Things went well, actually. My calling sucked. Or at least I thought so. Sound actually WORKED for once. But got sloppy by Act 3. Damn. Other things went as well as they have been, so overall, a good opening.

And now for the random.

I'm eating Triscuits dipped in leftover spaghetti sauce right now. So good.

We (me, Zoe, Charlie, Pat, Mulder, Candace, and Rob) went to Chipotle after school. Then Zoe and I hung out at Barnes and Noble for a while. I had to buy One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, so we just spent a couple hours there before the show.

Read an awesome editorial by Joe Klein. Why Not Kill Dictators with Kindness?

Very liberal with some definite flaws, but humorous and it makes you think about our issues with North Korea and terrorism around the world. I sent it to Caitlin and Amanda.

When we left to go to school, Zoe told me after that she had a fun afternoon and appreciated me. :-D So cute. We talked briefly about college and keeping in touch with people, which is why she had decided to vocalize her appreciation. I love that girl.

A couple days ago I was talking to Becca, as she is having some boy issues, and mostly trying to get over someone. She said "I just need to find a new crush" and I realized how damn right she is. I need to find a new crush. Get my head out of the clouds...because I thought they were...but.

I actually think this may be caused by not talking to him much. Like...I haven't in FOREVER. And. I don't. I think I could get over it if I talked to him more. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or some shit like that. So he needs to get his ass here and I can be free of it all!

I'm listening to Jazz right now. Kick ass. I loves me some good jazz.

Spring Play is now one story line, instead of three...but we integrated the ideas of all three lines into the one. It's so confusing to talk about...since it isn't yet written...

Started a new dance today in Dance. (Heh.) The music is from the cast album of Chicago. 'Tis cool.

I should get to bed.


Edit: It pisses me off that I have a permanent account and still LJ decides to act screwy. I understand having slow servers at times, and little glitches...but it's all been adding up lately. And it's a god-damn permanent account. $100 to you, good service to me. Capische? (capisca?)

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