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She must rinse him away, she can't hold him this way


Started reading Fahrenheit 451. Fell asleep a little after 7:30 (as best I can surmise). Was woken by a phone call at 9:15-ish.

An interesting one at that. From Caitlin. Regarding Mulder. It makes me laugh even now. *sigh* Boys are crazy.

Thankfully, it woke me up so that I could read all the Pink Monkey Notes (like Spark Notes...but better!) on Fahrenheit, and now I'm trying to go back and actually read, or at least skim as much of the actual book as possible.

I'm also working on jotting notes for the in-class essay tomorrow. Damn, this is going to be bad.

And it's so late already! Eeek!

Random List of Not-So-Random Songs:
- "Rinse" - Vanessa Carlton
- "Walk Away" - Bree Sharp
- "Do What You Have to Do" - Sarah McLachlan

*sigh* Back to that damn essay prep and the book I haven't read. Bah. I'm such a bad kid.

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