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cus I feel I should

I decided to write again because I thought it was the right thing to do. I was adding to my favorite things list and thought, "why don't I write another entry?" So, I did.

Tonight was, again, eventful, which makes me extremely happy. I was over at a friend's house and we played video games (I am one of those rare girls who enjoys and even kicks ass at video games...or at least all except Tony Hawk. I love it, but I suck at it.) Anywho, after that we played Monopoly (again) Now, it may seem like my friends and I are Monopoly freaks, but to be completely honest, before yesterday I hadn't played in about 3 years. All of a sudden we play two nights in a row...crazy.

Half the party left after that (due to curfew, which was thankfully, not reinstated...god bless mommy). The remaining four of us watched Muppets in Space. Now, I am a Muppet fan. I enjoyed the Muppet Movie, and I loved Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island, but MiS was seriously lacking. We all decided that next time we're catching Cabin Fever with MTI. (Pardon the abbreviations...I'm not really obsessive, just lazy)

Tomorrow's the big day (technically today since it's 2am). Anyway, if I hadn't mentioned it previously, I'm seeing NSYNC (both today and tomorrow) at Soldier's Field in Chicago. I'm no obsessive stalker fan, but they have fun music and I've heard they put on one hell of a show, so I'm excited. (Plus, the guys are hot...despite the speculated gayness of a couple, they are still cuties and seem totally down to earth and fun. I wouldn't mind hang out with any one of them.)

Well, since I'll be up late again tonight and tomorrow night, I guess I should get some shut eye. Night night!

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