Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

EXTREMELY drive by posting.

I can't believe I didn't update yesterday at all.

Actually, I can believe it, because I was at school from 8am until 10:15pm. I was tired last night so I did a little bit of reading before crashing.

Today, I'm at tech from 8am until 5pm, which means I might be out by 6pm. ;-)

Ways in which Gail has injured herself in the past two days:
- Falling off a riser and possibly fracturing her foot. (I will NOT be seeking medical don't even try to make me)
- Stapling her finger. (That's right folks. I was playing with the stapler, and BAM! I stapled my thumb. It hurt and bled a lot. I have a big purple bruise/bump now.)
- Getting her finger smashed between Pat's knee and a chair. (It was only would have been intentional had he realized my finger was there. It popped some blood vessels in my pinky and is a bit sore)
- Hitting her head on the corner of a table.
- Being pummeled (and I mean PUMMELED) in the arm by Mulder. (Ouch. Big bruise today)
- There was one more thing, but I forget.

And I'm LATE!!!

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