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It's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow

Surprisingly, I'm not as tired today as I have been lately.

English was a lazy day. Sat around and listened to people read their satires. At 8:20 when the bell rang for class to start, there were about 10 of us. 8 people came in late. It's funny how the week progresses like that. Monday mornings we usually have about 2 people come in late. By Thursday, it's quadrupled.

I have an Economics test tomorrow that I must study for. Must study because I missed 2 days of class in the past couple weeks of this unit. Boo.

Foreign Policy was lazy too. We presented our Diaries. Laughed at the French, especially Chirac. Discussed why Tony Blair kisses the ground Bush walks on, and how screwed he is with his own people, who are mostly anti-war, despite Blair's gung-ho attitude toward it. Lay off, Hirohito.*


Injured my foot today...falling off a riser that lifted only 2 feet off the ground. Am convincing myself that it's not broken because dammit, I WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN. It hurts significantly less than either of the other two times I've broken things, I can walk on it, and it isn't swollen or bruised. So I figure I'm in the clear, though I am limping and it does hurt.


Tech went well. Our 1:15 show is currently running at 2:21. But 20 minutes were spend with Carl working on spacing for Sur La Plage, and there were other holds that took a while to work through. We can cut off the other 45 minutes with our shifts and running straight through. However, it does concern me that we are an hour overtime and we haven't even added the orchestra yet.


Home now. Am amused by my away message:
I'm doing that thing where my stomach tells me that it's empty and wants to be filled, and I go fill it. Yeah, eating.

And after, I'm doing that thing where this book opens and tells me to read all about this "economics" stuff and says that I must do this to prepare for that thing where I sit quietly for 42 minutes and scribble with a pencil on paper. That's right...studying for the Econ test.

Then I'm doing that thing where Eric tells us we smell and have to care for ourselves and our hygiene by submerging ourselves in water that flows from a pipe out of a wall. Mmm...shower.

[/away message]

Oh, and our heat is broken so it's COLD in here. But I'm actually a big fan of this and am fully prepared with my socks, slippers, tank top, long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, and if need be, I can put shorts on under my pants and grab a blanket. It won't be on until tomorrow, so I'll be sleeping with two comforters tonight!

I get to park in the garage. Hee! (Oh, and Daddy got safely to Mississippi, and they were driving up to Mobile this morning to stay for a couple days.)

Tomorrow is Friday!

Monday is Casmir Pulaski Day! For anyone not in the Chicagoland area, Chicago has a very large Polish population. The largest, I believe, in the US. So we have a holiday honoring the most important Pole in US History. Casmir Pulaski. I believe he took a bullet for General Washington back in the Revolutionary War. I'm really not sure, so you can google it if you care. So I have no school on Monday!

But I have tech on Saturday from 8-5. And Monday from 9-5. And Sunday is Rob's uber huge birthday party. So it's going to be a busy weekend, with not enough sleep. @#($&^!!!

[/weekend plans]

I need to study and sleep. Much love!

*Hirohito reference => I was telling Caitlin about an article I read that mentioned how people are relating Bush to Hitler, and the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to Mussolini. I said Blair would fit there too and Caitlin said "Island syndrome!" Confused, I inquired what the hell she was talking about. "What's the name of that Japanese guy? It's the island syndrome. England and Japan were both islands!" So to finish the WWII analogy, Blair became Hirohito.

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