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So contented are we, in our dear little room in Bloomsbury

This song reminds me of "Normandy" from Once Upon a Mattress. I suppose if you've seen one cheesy musical, you've seen 'em all! ;-)

For the first time in FOREVER, I'm home and showered already. It's usually around 3 HOURS LATER than now that I'm getting out of the shower. God this feels nice.

It helped that I was only at school until 9:15 tonight.

I'm in an odd mood. Happy, but sad at the same time. Like I feel alright, until I start to think about everything that's bothering me, at which point I want nothing more than to burst into tears. *sigh*

My away message:
I love you all a lot. But it's been a long day. And slightly upsetting. So I'm going to shower and hang around for a while...the probably get to bed without talking to anyone.

But please note the emphasis on the "I LOVE YOU ALL" because I do, and you mean so very much to me. Sometimes we forget what is important in life: the love we receive from friends and family. It's what really makes life worth living. Just some food for thought when you are dealing with stress times sixty. I love you.

Yeah. It's just like that.

I have a little homework tonight. Stark contrast to the HUGE amounts that I've had lately. Basically, I have to finish annotating a couple pages in my econ book, which was actually due for today. I'm conveniently "forgetting" that I have to create a Fred Astaire poster. And ignoring the English reading. Because the book is SO SLOW that it's discouraging me from reading it in the first place. And I'm so not in a feminist mood right now. I can't stand up for myself as it is, and this is not overly empowering.

Daddy's gone to Biloxi, MS for 10 days. He never made me tell him where I'm going to school. Fayanne sent an email to mommy saying that one year at Indiana is more than all 4 and a half years she spent at Eastern. *sigh* I'm still undecided, but I wish it weren't so damn expensive either. But there's nothing I can do about that. And seriously? Had I known it would be $25,000 a year? I'd have applied to some better schools...ones that were probably in the $30,000 range because when it gets that expensive, what's another few thousand, eh? And I'm regretting not applying to Northwestern, and for a while I liked the idea of University of Chicago. Fuck them for being private schools and so damn expensive.

[/college rant]

Too tired for that shit again. I know, I'm just spoiled. I should be happy to be going to college at all.

The point was that Daddy's out of town, so I can park in the garage. No more scraping ice off my car in the morning.

Can I use a [/stress] command for my life? Cause really? The tense back and shoulders are starting to hurt, and I'm probably causing serious damage by clenching my teeth so much.

I'm not helping myself any by adding bad feelings to my already tipsy balance. Perhaps I shall stop.

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