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*sigh* The End of the Day....

Thank god! So, busy busy busy today.

I mentioned in passing that Mikey and I went to Walker Bros. for breakfast. We met up with Ci there around 10. We left about 11, and Mikey went with Cici, cus I had my meeting in an hour, and it would be a waste to go home, then immediately have to go drop him at her apartment. I'm sad I didn't get more "quality" time with my little buddy, but that's okay. I'll see him enough tomorrow and at the Wedding. Geez, can you believe the rehearsal is tomorrow? The wedding is in two days! It's so close.

I had about 15 minutes by the time I got home before the meeting, so I wrote my quick rant (which I believe in whole-heartedly).

Meeting number two. 4 hours, 15 minutes. It was actually a lot of fun. We took all the stuff we didn't understand and looked it up on the internet. I was partnered up with a Sophomore Tedd. I think that was his name. Either way, he was a nice guy. After everyone got their info (each group had a different scene), we went back to the Studio to share it all. It took over two hours, but was so much fun. Basically, it was all pop culture and world events from between 1965 and 1989. It was fun. Especially discussing the top five songs and films of the selective dates. We had a lot of laughs. I'm enjoying it so much. I still feel more comfortable in STUNTS board, but it's not like I'm a total outcast or anything.

The second freshman info meeting went well. Eric couldn't be there, nor could Tania, so Carl was doing the entire presentation. He said some great stuff about Eric and the stage crew program. Yay. Promote promote promote!!

Got home at 5:20. Had to immediately go to sister's apartment and get Zoe her flip-flops because she was getting a pedicure and it's easier in flip-flops, or something like that.

Finally got home to stay around 6:45. Realized I was extremely hungry. Hadn't eaten since 10:30 breakfast. I had a bottle of water earlier (though I still had a headache. Hope they start to go away. I don't like getting them this often. I'm sure it's just stress. After the wedding, and school starts, and I get back into a routine, instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I'll be fine.)

We got pizza for dinner. So greasy, but so good. Ate it at 8, during Will and Grace. It was a good episode. Very funny.

Allie called and I talked to her for a while. We might be doing the Kenosha lunch/mini-golf on Monday with Ben and Mikey. This means I will need to find money so I can actually pay for Mikey's lunch and mini-golf. Stupid bets. What the hell were we thinking? First off, Al and I aren't the best at volleyball. Competitive and serious, yes. Skilled, no. Two, it was dark. Honestly, it was 9 at night and there was like no light. We are stupid. Oh well, I'm sure we will have fun.

Need to e-mail Nikki my schedule so she can represent me tomorrow at the STUNTS meeting that I'm missing half of. They are doing mega-planning, so it's important I get that to her. I'll write back later!

*Falling Down - Dexter Freebish
*Emily's Song - BBMak
*Fall Down - Toad the Wet Sprocket
*Told You So - Barenaked Ladies
*Brian Wilson (live) - Barenaked Ladies

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