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The one that she wrecked won't take you back if you were the last beautiful girl in the world

I'm home and tired.

Survey says? Nothing new there.

I have to write a satire for English. Dammit.

I have to be to school at 7:30 tomorrow. It's a Senior Teach Day breakfast meeting thing. In two weeks, we have an "Observation Day" and then a week after that is actual Senior Teach Day*. I'm Eric for a day, who is actually Carl for that day because Carl is out so no one is Senior Teaching for him, but Eric is substituting...meaning that I'm basically Carl for the day, but am hanging around with Eric. Whee! Fun fun fun! I'll have one Theatre 1,2 class, two Theatre 3,4 classes, and Company. Hahahaha! *is excited*

I have Econ book homework. Must do English first though.

Joined dance today for the first time. Whee! I'm not part of the current hip hop dance they are working on, so I just attempted the warm up (and did pretty well for it being UBER fast and new to me) and then watched for mistakes in their dance.

That's it. I need to work now. Eek!

*Senior Teach Day is a day where Seniors get to be a teacher (duh). We apply under departments (I had Fine Arts as a first choice, English as my second) and then specify teachers you've had and would prefer (I said Carl and Susan for FA and Wolf, Lynn and Weatherby for English). We spend a day shadowing them, then a week later, actually create (or use pre-written) lessons for classes and teach. Opa!

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