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But I have the sense to recognize that I don't know how to let you go

Definitely didn't watch the Grammys.

Definitely didn't get most of my homework done.

I have 5 of 8 of my Foreign Policy Diary entries done. Bugger. Three Tuesday.

My dance paper is supposed to be due tomorrow-ish, but I won't be in class. THANK GOD. The presentation and poster are due around Thursday.

My English satire is due Wednesday.

I've decided to give up (for now) on my English reading book, because it's not due for another week. And though it's really slow-going, so I should be spending more time on's not fitting into my busy schedule.

So to recap, that's:
-AFP Diaries due Tuesday
-Dance paper due Tuesday
-Satire due Wednesday
-Dance presentation due Thursday

Oh, and did I mention that this week starts tech week? Where I'll be at school until 9pm every day? 13 hours at school...every day for two weeks?

And I'm supposed to right my papers...when...?

*sigh* I'd blame this on procrastination, but it's so much easier to blame it on stress, New Orleans, missing school for Company, missing school for funerals, and the busyness of weekends that surround dances, trips and college visits.

I did however successfully move all of my old email (because there's a lot I don't delete) from the old computer to this one. And transfered my address book too. I had already moved my important documents and now the other computer has only my mp3 alarm clock running. After I wake up tomorrow, I'll shut it down, for an undisclosed amount of time. Poor computer. But I think we got it at the beginning of 1998. So that's 5 years. Hella long time for a PC, I suppose.

February was doomed from the start.

I want my bestest boy friend back. *sigh*

Screw it...I think I'm going to bed.

I am Dr. Nick Riviera!
Which Simpsons Character are YOU?


Oh, and did I mention?

I haven't been sleeping well...again.
I've been clenching my jaw...again.
I may have popped something in my's bloodshot. Again.

And Daddy tells me I have to know where I'm going to college by the time he goes out of town. I think that's Thursday.

Yeah...I'm a little stressed.

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