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I wrote an entry. But my computer is a stupid piece of shit and decided that clicking the little X in the corner of one of the IE windows, it would close ALL THREE that I had open.

Well fuck you too. I want a Mac!

[/computer rant]


Trip was good. Lots of laughs. Fun, flaming tour guide boy who thought Zoe and I were really funny. YAY! We always think that we are funny but our friends are so used to it, that they don't laugh as much anymore. We thoroughly amused him though!

Tour was the same as last time. Afterward, we snuck (Edit: is this not a word? Should it be "sneaked"? the spell check didn't like it...) around the Theatre and Drama building, because the doors into the Auditorium building were locked. We peeked in some classrooms and found a couple tiny theatres. We started to encounter a lot of locked doors which would suggest that we shouldn't be there, [ >:) ] but we kept looking and really wanted to see the nice, new, pretty Auditorium that they built 2(?) years ago. Well, we stumbled upon a stage door that wasn't locked (AH-HA! Always a way in!!) and wound up on the stage, which was really nice. We couldn't get to the house though, so no snooping in the booths or seats or anything. But it was so cool. Yay for being like Auntie Kate.

[/breaking and entering]

The ride home was really icy. It started POURING SLEET, if it can pour sleet. We almost t-boned a car that had skid from her side of the road, across a 50-foot grass median and into our lane! Luckily, the ABS stopped us in time. Oy! That was a rush. But the roads were so slippery! Does no where south of Chicago believe in SALT?!?! I know Indiana gets snow, so why weren't they prepared for this???

[/icy rant]

And now I'm really tired, because I've been up for 16 hours. But in about 45 minutes, family will be showing up for Zoe's birthday party. Goddamn. I want to sleeeeeeep! Or read HPatGoF, but I'd probably fall asleep while reading, so what's the point, really?

Oy. Off to do...something.

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