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Skies may not always be blue. But one thing's as clear as can be

Tired. But okay.

Semi-fixed the Friday issue. I'll be able to go to school. I'll be able to go to crew...until 4:30. Then I'll be setting up the touring set-up? for Jam For Justice? which apparently the sponsors volunteered me for? I don't mind, I'd be fine doing it...but there was the possibility I was going to be out of town, and neither of them had asked me. Silly them.

Then Saturday morning (around 5am), Zoe, Goldy and I are going down to Indiana University, taking a 10am tour, and getting back by 5:30pm. Does anyone know if Bloomington, IN is on Central or Eastern time right now?

Have very little homework. Will probably be calling Zoe to come over and watch a movie. My Big Fat Greek Wedding on DVD??

Must get food now. *munch*

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