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Why we have to each be lonely, it was just the season...

I'm broken.

I took my niece to my sister's last night at 8. She was in bed by 9. I was struggling to stay conscious through my English reading (this book is so slow!) and fell asleep on her couch around 10. She got home at 11:15-ish and I could come home.

I showered and got in bed immediately and was SO TIRED.

Then I woke up once at 5:15. And again at 6:16. Then at 6:47, and I thought Oh, I can get up now and shower since I didn't last night.


But I did shower. So I just had all this extra time. I made myself a piece of toast for breakfast (I don't usually get breakfast) and had time to read and update here.

Oh, and I'm wearing my "Voo Doo Brew: Less Filler, More Thriller" shirt from New Orleans. It kicks so much ass, if I do say so myself. :-D

I'm so awake, yet all I want to do is sleep. *sigh* School calls!

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