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Today I proclaimed myself to be temporarily ADD. I could not concentrate on anything and my attention span was about a long as a flea's.

But, in better news...

I woke up at 6:45 this morning, a half-hour before my alarm. Why is this good? It gave me a chance to shower and finish my Foreign Policy paper (both of which got the shaft when I collapsed of exhaustion last night).

I even got to school earlier than normal, so I did a little (emphasis on the "little") studying for Econ. I made up the test during 7th period, and it wasn't too horrible. I'm hoping he'll grade it kindly. He likes me anyway.

Apparently I should be about 100 pages in on my English reading book. HA! I read about 20 over the weekend. I was in New Orleans for god's sake!

Crew was canceled today because Eric is sick. A day home! Just what I needed!

Might try to get people to get dinner a little later. It's very possibly that two of my friends broke up today (he said he would), so I should take her out and make her not so mopey. Perhaps I'll play dumb and act like I didn't expect it. Or that I "saw it coming" but not as though I knew he's been planning to do it for at least a week already.

And that's my fun and exciting life. New Orleans pictures still not working. Maybe when Becca restarts the computer...

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